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Best Value

Our Team of Advisors

Derek Squair

President - 306 435 9344

Derek’s extensive experience in the grain industry helps the team see the big picture from different sides of the table. Derek has owned grain merchandising businesses in the past and was one of the pioneers of the private grain market consulting industry within western Canada. Derek consults across the praires and fills the role of President for Exceed Grain Marketing

Ty Kehrig

Vice President - 306 873 7768

Years of extensive experience with farm financial analysis and grain marketing provides Ty with the expertise to help his clients reach their top potential. Ty holds a degree in Agribusiness and has prior experience in Agriculture accounting with a top Canadian firm. Ty has also assisted in several consulting projects ranging from insurance to food processing in his career. 

Courtney Kristjansen

Foam Lake, SK - 306 746 8034

Since joining Exceed, Courtney has been bringing an wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Courtney puts the customer first and has spent most of her career in grain merchandising in Eastern Saskatchewan Courtney is directly involved in primary production agriculture as well, ensuring her clients that she knows the markets inside and out.

Shaylin Erickson

Viking AB - 587 256 4952

Shaylin has been involved in the Alberta grain marketing scene for 8+ years, working tirelessly to ensure her clients are well supported and educated when making grain marketing decisions for their farm business.  Shaylin prides herself in offering unbiassed advice to her clients while having the power of the Exceed Grain Marketing network to work within

Lance Wilson

Montana - 406 231 5044

Lance is Exceeds grain marketing expert South of the 49th. Lance works with clients in Montana, Idaho and North Dakota. He has been directly involved in grain marketing for the span of his career and has consistently added value to each of his growers, finding them the best place to sell their grain

Eldon Rindero

Rosthern - 306 212 0315

40+ years in the grain marketing industry. Eldon helps producers in the Rosthern region reach top dollar for their commodities. Eldon works hard for his clients ensuring each aspect of a grain trade is excecuted properly.

Lisa Shmyr

Melfort - 306 921 9543

Lisa has over 18 years experience in the prairie grain handling and marketing industry. Lisa consults clients on creating a rock solid marketing plan for their operations and help them manage risk in the changing markets.

Josh Bradley

Naicam - 306 520 3887

Josh joins us from central Saskatchewan as a farm advisor. Josh has extensive experience in primary production of Cattle and Grain. Josh has prior experience in the financial services industry and is proud to be working as a farm advisor with Exceed.

Dennis Kowalchuk

Edmonton - 587 594 9621

Dennis hails from Vegerville Alberta and has gained global experience in the Agriculture Grain, Finance and Consulting Industry. Dennis has worked in Russia and Ukraine doing consulting work and continues serving farmers in the Edmonton region today.

Rayleen Possberg

Humboldt SK - 306 231 3933

Rayleen brings years of grain merchandising expertise to the Exceed Grain Marketing team. Rayleen has spent most of her career in the Humboldt region, building solid relations with producers. Rayleen maintains “boots on the ground” as she is also a producer herself.

Janelle Pickard

Provost AB - 780 753 8729

Janelle’s experience in the Alberta grain industry has her able to approach situations from the eyes of a merchant and a marketer, providing them with the ability to look at the right opportunity for the clients she serves. Janelle is involved in a primary production grain farm as well and is a key member of all her clients farming operations

Terry Friesen

Portage, MB - 204 595 3185

Terry brings decades of experience to the farmers of southern and western Manitoba. Terry understands the region well and is an expert on the unique crops of the region.  Terry is an asset to the farms he works with as he helps market their corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, barley, oats all the crops in between. 

Harvey Jackson

McCreary MB - 204 250 2863

Harvey is an asset to the producers of western Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan. Harvey focuses on the technical and fundamental movements of the market and relays the information onto the farm businesses he works with. Harvey takes great pride in serving his farm customers and is a well respected grain marketer in the industry with decades of experience

Justin Berschied

Lake Lenore SK - 306 231 7060

Justin is a key asset to the Exceed Grain Marketing team and the producers he works with. Justin has unique experience of being a grain buyer for a large crushing operation in Western Canada as well as hands on work with his farming operation in central Saskatchewan as well.  Justin’s producers are well served as they build their unique grain marketing plans which focus on risk management, cost of production and cashflow analysis. 

Lyndon Flad

OkotokS AB - 306 753 9325

Lyndon joins us from the Okotoks region but carries out consulting into western Saskatchewan as well. Lyndon spent the majority of his career in risk management and primary production

Michael Ferguson

Melfort SK - 306 921 6381

Michael has been with Exceed since its beginnings in 2017 as a business with the producer as top priority. Mike consistently provides his clients with superior results and always has the goal of adding extra value to their operation. Mike has 12+ years of grain marketing experience and holds formal education in business and accounting.

Kassandra Worley


Kassy is one of the friendly voices you may hear if you call in to Exceed.  Kassandra stays busy working hard to help iron out the details of the business