Fertilizer Prices – North America

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Fertilizer prices are steadily rising globally due to higher raw feedstock costs, export tariffs / bans and increased demand for the product. China and Russia are witholding supply from the global marketplace to keep thier own markets satistifed, meanwhile, western european production is curtailed due to sky high natural gas prices. Demand rationing is already taking place in certain nations as some South American producers in Brazil and Argentina have faced skyrocketing prices and limited avaliablility.  Indian producers are also facing challenges with sourcing the product. 

Below are fertilizer charts with North American FOB pricing and Western Canadian pricing. Western Canadian pricing is based out of Alberta, Canada and is as of September 30th, 2021.  The data is dated but is set to be updated shortly.  Prices change daily in the current fertilizer market.  

The NOLA and US GULF pricing is more reflective of current market movement.

Fertilizer Chart Highlights