2023/24 Crop Year Market Recommendations – Clients Only

Attached below are Exceed Grain Marketing’s current recommendations.  Producers need to work closely with their advisors for what works best for their individual operation.  Producers may be in different “market positions” depending on the requirement for cash flow, production costs, logistics, crops size, risk appetite or a multitude of other reasonings.

The recommendations represent our groups opinion only of where a producer should be positioned in their marketing plan throughout the year. Recommendations are based F.O.B. Central Canadian Prairies. Work with your local advisor to determine the best market position for your farm.

Yellow Targets are New Recommendations or Have Not Triggered Yet


  • INITIAL Recommendations for the 2023/2024 crop year below.
  • 25% Sold HRSW at $11.00 adjusted for Freight.  $10.75 Eastern Prairies. $11.25 Western Praires
  • 25% Sold Canola at $18.75 or better
  • 20% Sold Soybeans at $17.50 or better
  • 20% Sold Feed Barley at $7.00 or better FOB Western Saskatchewan. Adjust For Freight
  • 25% Target Oats at $5.00 or better Fall 2023
  • 20% Target Durum at $12.00 or better
  • FEBRUARY 1st – 2023 
    • CHICKPEAS UP TO 25% Initial Sale @ $0.46 or Better
  • February 23rd – 
    • Malt Barley: Get up to 60% sold Using Act of God $8.00 or better FOB FARM Central Sask. Adjust for Freight
    • Feed Barley: Get up to 35% sold at $6.90 or better.  Know your risk tolerance heading into spring and adjust rec accordingly 
  • March 9th – 
    • Red Lentils – Sell Up to 20% at $0.34 or Better
    • Green Lentils – Sell Up to 20% at $0.47 or Better
    • Yellow Peas – Sell Up to 20% at $11.25 or Better